what's up with flour prices ?

Will it ever stop going up
I can’t keep raising my prices

Prices for wheat on the comodity exchange have doubled. Based on the recent reports of crop planting and on the recent pricing in chicago, flour will all likelyhood rise to $25 for 50lbs over the next 120-180 days. Much of this is due to the movement from wheat to corn in acreage planted.

If you have not raised your prices already it is time to do so. I think you have to assume that the food cost of a 16" pizza will be .50 - .75 higher this summer than it was last summer based on cheese and flour alone. If you want to maintain your cost structure that would argue for a pricing jump in the area of at least $2 on a pizza and possibly $3. At the very least, you have to get back your cost.

In my market, wages are also up about 10% in the last year. Utilites and fuel are also higher.