What's your best Chef Bruno story?

You know the man, you’ve heard him sing - well so what, so has everyone else in the pizza business.


Chef Bruno will be visiting PMQ and the Think Tank during a live stream this Wednesday. Let’s reminisce a little, shall we?

My family has known Bruno for more than a decade. We’ve traveled with him and seen him at many food shows.

Bruno is definitely one of those people you’ll be hanging out with in a group and then realize he’s suddenly gone missing. Then you’ll see him across the room entertaining - getting someone’s phone number, offering them a job, taking shots - anything.

I remember the first time we went to the World Pizza Championships I was about 15 and he kept trying to hook me up with Italian pizza guys. He would say something to them in Italian and then they would buy me an expresso. Bruno would told me I needed to find a nice pizzaiolo from Naples to marry. Well, when I introduced him to my Dutch fiancé years later, Bruno told him he better treat me right or sleep with one eye open! It freaked out my (now) husband, but it was affectionate, you know, in that Sicilian Godfather kind of way.