What's your best selling pizza ?

thanks rgjujitsu. I just make simple food with love. Walter

Walter, I’m about 40 mins the other side of Columbus. I know what you mean. I don’t have your background/experience, but I had high hopes when we bought the shop. I took several things off the menu because I couldn’t stand behind the quality of them. Against my wishes, I brought back the frozen hoagie patties due to the constant requests of customers. I can’t figure out how anyone can eat them, but they sell. I’m hoping when I get the grill installed I can make a better version or just make a burger that people will like instead.

Sorry, this thread is getting a little sidetracked.

Joe: I feel for you. Columbus is the only place I would consider opening a shop of my own in OH. Dom Tiberi, the sports anchor for channel 10, is a big fan of our pizzas and he continually tells me to open in Columbus and with his endorsement all will go good. I know that is true but the winter weather has wore us out. Here is a photo of the typical local pizza here. The owner gave me this pizza after I was looking at a mixer he had for sale. He was a very nice guy and we started talking pizza. I brought it to work the next day and put it out next to our pies. I wanted to see what people had to say since this is the type of pie they were raised on. I was pleasantly surprised that no one asked for a slice and a couple asked if I was now making pies like the so and so pizzeria in town but when I asked them if they wanted some they said no. They wanted our pies.
Dom on a recent visit. He is a pizza nut and we get into deep discussions on it.

the norm for our area from the pizzeria I looked at a mixer for sale


I must revisit this thread as Brad had given me the motivation to follow through with this monthly pizza special I had been thinking of. Basically a loaded potato pizza. Quite popular. Pots cook great in the conveyor.

Looks really good! What’s on it?

For the base we use Cheez Wiz, 6 ounces of moz, red potatoes seasoned with olive oil, salt, parsley, and garlic, 2 ounces of cheddar, bacon, than 2 more ounces of cheddar on the crust (with cheese prices what they are, it’s hard not to have fun with it while you can afford it)… than we top it with tomatoes, sour cream, and green onions. It’s as good as it looks, it’s even better with jalapenos. Throw that on facebook and you’ll get people talking.