Whats your dough weights?

How much dough are you using for your size pizzas?

10" 9oz 10 per half sheet pan
12" 11.3 8 per half Sheet pan
14" 15 6 per half sheet pan
16" 18oz 5 per sheet pan

I chose those weights because each tray is diviable by 90oz. That way I can just make 8 tray batches with out doing any math.
Are you gonna start making your own dough? Let me know, I will tell you everything I know.

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Thanks sparrow, why half trays? Just easier to work with?

Yeah that, and i can overlay the lips to fit in reach-in

7" 4 oz
10" 8oz
12" 12oz
16" 22 oz

Ive noticed alot of pizza ive liked over the years used a heavier dough (22-24oz) for a 16-17” pizza. We use a 20oz dough

I would bet most people would think that the less dough you use equals a crispier pizza, but I found that not to be totally true.

I was going to ask my dough guy to bring me a tray of 24oz doughs and see if I liked the results

We use
20 oz for a 14”
16 oz for a 12”
12 oz for a 10”

We use:

16" = 21z dough ball
12" = 12z dough ball

11" = 11oz
14" = 18oz

10" 8oz
12" 13oz
14" 18oz
16" 24oz

9" = 7oz
12" = 13oz
14" = 15.5 oz