What's your top-selling specialty pizza?

What is your top selling pizza that is specific to your store? And what are the most popular toppings peoplebuy when they order choose your toppings pizzas?

Why do you want to know?

Sorry if I came across as wanting to steal your ideas. I specifically didn’t say ‘recipe’ because that’s not what I’m trying to do.
I’m just trying to start a friendly conversation. You don’t have to answer if you don’t want to. :slight_smile:

#1 BBQ Chicken
#2 Philly Steak
#3 Alfredo
#4 Ranch

I love alfredo pizza, and the others sound delicious as well. :smiley:
My store hasn’t opened yet, but I hope people will appreciate some of the more unique pizza toppings instead of just cheese, peperoni, or vegetarian every time, although I know these are top sellers.

Eh, I guess I don’t care anymore… My number one top selling pizza is… The Tavern French Fry Pizza…

For real? Well, I suppose french fries do[ go with everything…

Steve, you need to get more sleep man. :smiley:

Okay, this one isn’t something I personally sell in a shop, but it’s my favorite from a local shop that sells well for them, and it’s also my favorite to make at home. It’s a Neapolitan style 4 cheese with an EV olive oil base, sea salt, slivered garlic, Gorgonzola chunks, mozzarella and Grana Padano, with Pecorino Romano on top on a very thin crust. I simplify it at home by leaving out the Grana Padano and pecorino, and simply sprinkling Parmesan on when it’s almost done. I also sometimes make it with red pepper flakes sprinkled onto the olive oil base before I put the rest of the toppings on, so that the whole thing has a little spiciness to it to cut the richness, and spread a little pesto on top after it comes out of the oven. One of my old shops also had good luck with a buffalo chicken pizza that was never on the menu, but always blew out when it was put on our lunch buffet, there is a thread talking about that style floating around here somewhere.

That sounds a little more like the original pizzas (except for the cheese).
I’m thinking of selling an original Italian-style pizza, where it’s just olive oil, salt, and peppers/tomatoes/other, without cheese or sauce, on a flat bread.

Lol, its funny cause its true.

^ Without the tomatoes, I believe that is called pizza bianca, and is usually flavored with rosemary. I’ve never had it myself, but I have a recipe that I’ve been planning on trying for a while. Apparently it’s made with a lot of water and requires extended kneading to get the right texture, so I’ve yet to attempt it.

Careful Steveo. Thar be some shifty characters lurkin in these forums.

Yar, like pirates!

well our top selling pizza would be
1.fresh mozz pizza
2.buffalo chicken pizza
3chicken caesar salad pizza
4.village delight

Chopped Garlic with Olive Oil for sauce
Ricotta Cheese in dabs (use a pastry sleeve)
Mozzarella cheese
Mesquite grilled chicken brst shredded
Artichoke hearts
Fresh sliced Roma Tomatos

It is called the “Snow in Texas” and has been our best selling specialty pie for 10 years. A 16" is about $23 plus tax and delivery.

Though not officially “sold in my shop”…as I’m not open yet, I make a “jerk chicken” pizza that is always the first one gone when we host tasting nights.

I use a light coating of a jerk sauce (the name escapes me here at my desk, something “Harbor”) and toss on thin sliced grilled chicken brea$t, (geesh! I can’t say chicken brea_t???) red onion, sometimes a bit of pineapple and jalapeno if I’m feeling it, top with a mozz/provalone mix…and then do a drizzle of the same sauce on top after baking.

<<<(geesh! I can’t say chicken brea_t???) >>> I know, I tried to used nake_d to describe plain chicken and was censored! Too funny!

Anyway, think I’ll try the jerk chicken for Super Bowl.


here’s the one I use and really like. If it works for you I know the pricing from this website isn’t all that bad especially considering how little you’d have to use.


have fun

  1. carribean twist
  2. white-out
  3. BBQ chicken
  4. Spinach Alfredo