Wheat Crust Dough for schools?

I make my own dough and recently one of the schools asked me to make Wheat Crust dough.
Can you guys tell me how do I make it? I use 60qt mixer.

If you look in the recipe bank, there is a good one in there from Tom Lehmann. Interesting comment he makes is, lots of people ask for it but once they buy it they rarely reorder. Healthy isn’t always the best tasting.


I have had some good whole wheat pizza that people actually do reorder.
That good whole wheat crust I have had did not have over 30% of the flour as whole wheat, though,
Even at 50%, I would not reorder myself.


I know where you’re coming from Otis. If it was the best crust, everyone would be serving it by default.

We use 2:1 white to whole wheat, so it’s 1/3 wheat. Using honey and calling it “honey wheat” adds to the appeal.

As mentioned by others, i can’t imagine a true whole wheat crust being very delectable.