Wheat Crust Help

Hi Tom,

I need help with a wheat crust recipe. I have tried numerous formulations but they don’t turn out to be what I am looking for which is a crust that is crispier then the inside, a wheat color and a slight sweetness. Instead I have been getting a dough with no crunch and a dense consistency all the way through. I know it will never be like regular crust but I’m not even close. Please, if you could help let me know, this is frustrating me to no end.
I would even pay for a good recipe.

Hopefully, I’ve ended your fustrations with a wheat-crust in my other post response.
Here is a good, typical, wheat crust formulation:
White Pizza Flour: 70%
Whole-Wheat Flour: 30%
Salt: 1.75%
Honey: 5%
IDY: 0,375%
Butter: 3%
Water: 65%
I’;ve provided you with the additional details in my other response to you. Since you offered, there is a price for this. The next time a SERVICE MAN or SERVICE WOMAN comes into your store, either alone or with someone, or their family, bring their check to their table personally and mark it “PAID IN FULL”. Thank them for serving our country. They’re paying a much greater price than you are.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor