wheat dough

i have a 30 ot mixer and am looking for a good wheat dough mix.
and ideas?

This one is based on 10-pounds of flour weight.
7-pounds of regular pizza flour
3-pounds of whole-wheat flour
2.75-ounces of salt
Optional: Sugar: 3-ounces, or 3.25-ounces of honey
Fat: 2-ounces (olive oil or butter)
Instant dry yeast: 0.75-ounce
Water: 104-ounces (6.5-pounds)

You might need to adjust the water content slightly for the handling properties that you like to have. My recommendation is to put the whole wheat flour into the water and allow it to hydrate for an hour in the cooler, then add all of th eother ingredients, except for the oil. Mix for about 2-minutes, or just until the flour is hydrated, then add the oil/fat, and mix in for 1-minute at low speed, then mix just until a smooth dough consistency is achieved. Targeted finished dough temperature is 80 to 85F. I like to manage the dough overnight in the cooler before using it.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

thank you very much for the help…i will be ordering the supplies i need to make and will let you know how it works out…
thanks again