Wheat Flour Dough??????

any different from High Gluten recipes

Thanks Dennis

Hey Dennis. Could you give some more info here? Is it that you’re looking for a high-gluten, wheat flour dough recipe? Asking how to tweak your current recipe? Want to know the difference between whole wheat and high gluten??

Need a recipe with at least 51% whole wheat to meet smart snacks requirements for usda

This is our recipe using (2) 50 lb bags+. Adjust and tweek to you batch size

White bread flour 13% gluten 50 lbs
Ultra Grain wheat flour 50 lbs ( 1 bag + 2 lbs )
Water 69 lbs we use 62 cold and 7 hot to hydrate the yeast
Salt 28 oz
Sugar 48 oz ( 3 x higher than normal to cut the bitterness of the wheat )
Yeast ( active dry ) 1 cup ( don’t know the weight ) adjusted per season. higher in winter lower in summer
Oil 8 cups ( 7.5 lbs )