Wheat Free Take-and-Bake Pizza Dough

Hi, All,

Is there such a thing as wheat free take-and-bake pizza dough? I’d be grateful for the bomber recipe for this if anyone can supply … ideally in bakers’ percentages.


Are you talking about a gluten-free base? If so, I may have a contact for you. The bases are precooked, so they should work for TnB. Email me at tom@pmq.com and I will get you some info.


 Whatcha got against wheat? What did wheat ever do to you?  -J_r0kk

Wheat free/gluten free is an up and coming thing these days. These products are not really intended for persons with a wheat protein allergy but instead for presons with an intolerance to wheat protein such as Celiac Disease. If the product is sold and labeled as “Wheat Free” and is not exposed to ANY possibility of cross contamination, as would occur in a pizzeria where wheat flour is used to make regular pizza crusts, then it would stand to reason that some wheat free crusts MIGHT be acceptable for persons with a wheat protein allergy. We are finding out that Celiac Disease is a pretty common affliction.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor