When do you drop a sales rep?

My former PFG/Roma rep left last winter, he got me to come over to them, he knew his stuff and was honest. Since then they have sent me two reps, one didnt know crap about pizza and to be honest I questioned his integrity and when I started using Colony Foods(New England pizza dist. Im in Vermont) more, they sent in a new hottie salesrep to try get me to come around! I dont want a new rep, I like Roma and their products but they cycle reps and Im insulted that they think that I care more about a nice rack than my business. At what point do you say goodbye???

Went through this awhile back…My initial answer is it’s time when you post the question…when is it time. But a couple of things to say before I end on that note.

With things the way they are nowadays I would call the president of your pfg and ask for a meeting. Explain to him that with each new rep brings a new set of problems and what does he suggest you do. Explain you want to continue doing business with them but are at the end of your rope. Ask him what he suggests you do. This way the ball is in his court to keep you. Right now they will be better off investing in keeping you rather than trying to gain new business. The bosses don’t know you are having a problem and therefore cannot fix it.

Think about a customer who never calls and tells you the driver spits on his front door or doesn’t give correct change everytime they order. They just jump and go somewhere else. You would never know nor could you do anything to correct it. Wouldn’t you rather they call and talk to you before jumping ship…after all they love your product just not the way they are being serviced.

And finally, the hottie…she has to work. Believe it or not good looking people still work. The fact that she is a hottie probably has nothing to do with why they sent her to you. Back in the day when I MAY have been a hottie it was very frustrating to be treated the way you are treating her. Believe it or not there are some really brilliant hotties around who are smart…Look at Sasso on this board :stuck_out_tongue: (And Sasso tell Kim I am just using you for the example I am happily married for 17 years and meant no disrespect. ) Give her a break and maybe a shot she may surprise you.

So back to your question…Make sure they are aware there is a problem, ask for someone bald and fat, if you still don’t get it resolved move on.


…Look at Sasso on this board :stuck_out_tongue: (And Sasso tell Kim I am just using you for the example I am happily married for 17 years and meant no disrespect. )

Kris, you must be drunk or on something even mentioning Sasso in the same breath as a hottie :stuck_out_tongue:

So back to your question… ask for someone bald and fat,

You trying to get me and Richard jobs as reps now. I know business is slow but not that bad :smiley:


If you can swing it, see if they’ll put you on a “cost plus” contract and take the rep out of the picture. My rep can’t change any prices in his computer; we pay a set mark up for each category. He’s essentially a glorified order taker. I ended up on this system because of the exact situation you’re having. I had a great rep for two years and when he left the company it became a revolving door of sales people. There were a few weeks that I didn’t know who my rep was. When I found one with his hand in the cookie jar (jacking prices on a couple of items with no market reason) I had enough.

As for the “hottie”, I have to agree with Kris. It sounds like that’s your only complaint about her and may not have given her a chance at all. One of my vendor reps is a very nice looking woman and I bet she gets stereotyped every time she steps into a place - unfair, because she’s the best rep I’ve ever had with any vendor.

so I geuss asking just how nice of a rack is irrelevant?

I guess I should give examples of why I dont like her.
1- There is the arguement that Im tired of new reps. 3 in 7 months
2- This may sound wierd coming from a guy but low top shirts and mini skirts is not appropriate to me. Innuendo about sausage and pepperoni isnt either, I dont go there with my customers.
3- She tried to tell me that East Coast Blend was 50/50 mozz and wht chedder.
4- no experience in the biz. Just hired from a collections company.
I know a good sales rep that brings me ideas and helps me grow my business from one that expects me to think I can get in her pants by ordering from her. If Angelia Jolie was a good rep I would buy, I dont care about her gender I do care about my business

My answer to your original question is: when you feel that the rpationship is ‘damaged’ or ‘flawed’ in some form or fashion and are unable to find correction with the rep/vendor. After trying what you determine is a sufficient amount, then the relationship is lost.

I firmly believe that there needs to be a stable and healthy relationship built on some level of mutual repsect and some modicum of trust on both sides . . . . trust I will not be hosed and trust they will get paid and not get jerked around. If you feel they have too much control or dominance in the relationship, then they probably do, and that needs correction. If you feel ignored or devalued, then you probably are, and that needs correction. Take care of your business of paying and communicating with the vendor, and set clear expectations. It’s not unlike personal relationships . . . when they are too hard to maintain and keep viable, then they become a liability.

Yeah. If the rep is a newbie who tries to baffle you with words and ignorance rather than admitting they are behind the curve and working to catch up . . . . then you got a long row to hoe. Wow . . … mozz and cheddar, huh? 3 reps in 7 months tells me of instability and I gotta have some to trust the vendor with my weekly food business.