When do you flip your tables?

After Lunch?
Before Close?
Some other time?
Any particular reasons?

NEVER!!! Empty the container that is in the table and replace it with a full new container. Flipping the table has the possibility of contaminating the food or havine the food spoil in cases where the food is a slow mover. For example if you use 1/4 of a container then top it up and flip it for several days the middle half will never get used and will spoil.

This is not just my opinion it is what my health inspector insists on.


Not familiar with the term “flip”, but it seems to be about the make tables and the ingredient bins. We also will NOT top up or add to a prepped bin of food. At end of night we check the rotation labels for discard dates and toos what is expiring ‘today’. For fast moving toppings, like mushrooms or pepperoni, we may drop the very last remnants from last bin onto new bin during the heat of friday rush, but that is only when the prep dates are the same lot.

Ditto our health department requirement. Putting ‘old’ food with ‘new’ food is a no-no.

All the big three fliped in between lunch and dinner, and also at the end of the night. All of the people above are right tho. The worst was green peppers. They would get that snot slime on the ones that didnt get used, after a day or so.
Plus the pepperoni would get that off dark color with meat sweats.

I think freshness would be key. If there is not alot left dump it. Or if it has been in there pretty much all day, dump it. I think fliping before dinner is fine. At the end of the night, I could never figure out why flipping to a clean container made any dif. You are still dumping the slime and drying out stuff into the new container.

thanks for the input everyone.