When do your drivers get their credit card tips??

Our driver’s credit card tips and commission automatically get subtracted from their cash due at the end of their shift. Is this pretty standard or are others holding the tips/commission and putting them in the paycheck.

Ours are done upon cash out each shift

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Subtracted from their cash due and end of their shift and reported on payroll

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End of shift along with their mileage. However, as we shift to a higher and higher % of payments via credit card, we sometimes run into days where we’ve paid out more cash than we’ve taken in. Might be in the near future that credit card tips will have to be paid to the drivers & servers on their paychecks for us.

For the drivers, they are subtracted from their totals at the end of the night. For the inside staff, I disperse them every three months.

Never thought about that. I’ve had a few nights that came close to that happening.

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we had to increase the amount we start each drawer every day so that we have enough cash to pay out and even then we have run out a few times

The Papa johns near me loads a credit card for nightly payout. I am not sure if they reload the same card each time, or each card is a oneoff.

Switched to paying on the paycheck two+ years ago. After some initial grumbling the staff came to like it more as they actually still had the money when payday came instead of it trickling away all week long.

Thanks everyone. We are thinking about holding cc tips until the paycheck. We have a 401k plan and have a problem with one of our drivers. His paycheck is always $0 because he claims all of his cash tips and receives cc tips at the end of each shift. I can’t make a deduction from a check of $0 and I can’t match a deduction that doesn’t exist.

If he is not making a contribution there is nothing to match. Where is the problem? If he wants to make a contribution (and get the match) then he needs to make it from his tips. Not so hard to do really, he would just have to actually give you the money.

I suspect you are correct though, changing to paying CC tips on the check will probably fix this.