When you sell and the new owner ruins it

I sold my shop. I worked it 12/7 and the quality and customer service was my success. I sold to who I thought was a company that would carry on my unique approach only to ruin it.

All those hours - all the loyalty of my guests - that RUSH even on MONDAYS! It’s all gone, the pizza has changed, the homemade is all frozen and most employees jumped ship.

Anyone ever experience this?

I hope you were well compensated for your hard work…I am hoping to do the same thing in 5-10 years and forsee the same thing happening. I would think that nobody could pay in full and therefore have to carry a note for the remainder (I own the building). In that sense I would look at it as an extended PAID vacation when the business flops and have to jump back in. Sure it might take a while to get some lost customers back, but hopefully the down payment will more than make up for some lost biz?
Has this scenario ever happened to anybody?

What do you care? If they gave you your asking price, then you are done with this business transaction.

If the company meant that much to you then you should have kept it.

It’s like breaking up. Why do you care about the way her new boyfriend is doing her? Move on and live happily ever after.

Famous question. Why do I care. UNREAL.

I built this place. I made it work. I worked it and a person who I thought might continue that perfection failed.

I am paid in full but I can tell you, I feel like every given hour was for nothing. Only if you have ever been in a store with the rush and the respect can you understand how sad this is.

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If yo got paid then what’s the problem? I’m not trying to be a ahole but come on my friend. If this shop meant that much to you then why did you sell it. I have bought and sold more shops than the average person in the past 18 years and let me give you a bit of advice…Do not get emotionally attached to a investment- you lose everytime.

I’ve felt this way before with stores that I’ve managed, not owned. I’m sure I’d feel the same way that you do. It comes from putting your heart and soul into a place.
There have been three stores that I’ve worked in where I’ve come in, put in 90 hour weeks and built it from the ground up. When I moved on the people taking over let it go to hell each time.
I try to seperate myself from those stores but even still to this day I have people calling me from my old stories wanting to talk about the ‘glory days’ and tell me how bad things are there now.
I’m sure it’s a documented sickness of some kind. Perhaps we should seek professional help. :lol:

Maybe you can waltz in 6 months down the road and buy him out for a song…

Sad that it is happening but it might be a great opportunity later on.


Hey Pizzatime, Since you have bought and sold a lot of shops, when you have one for sale, what do you do to make it a lil extra busy when somebody is coming by to look at buying your store?

Looking busy and being busy are two different things. I don’t need to walk in and see a banging shop every time. Odds are, if I am looking and you are selling, I will be able to get all the info I need about your location within days to make a decision based on facts and not perception.
If I am selling and you are buying, I will not let you step foot behind the scene until we have a nice long dialog and I get to gage your intent, your knowledge of the pizza industry and the lingo. I don’t bother with wannabee, spoon fed, stinking thinkers. I want to deal with those that have a passion for this business. I will even hold a note for a large amount if I see you have that passion. To many stinkin thinkers get in this business with all the answers they learned from a book and have ZERO real world application- I will loan them nothing.

I hope this helps and you were not just trying to be funny.

BTW, I really never answered your question. If you want the shop to bang with customers so that when your potential buyer walks in the door and gets that"Honey,wow, we are going to be rich" sell a pizza special for 4,5,6 bucks and a 2 liter- watch how many customers walk in your door to impress your sucker buyer. Don’t forget to buy about 30 bags of flour- boy o boy does that look good to a virgin buyer seeing that multiple stack of 50lb bags of flour.

I came down with severe health issues. 80 pounds soaking wet and I guess MS. People sell and they don’t want to…they simply have to. I miss that store as it was my Baby. I miss a lot but I intend to survive.

People sell for so many reasons. I got sick but I hung in there and did the best I could. I just do not understand how saving 600 dollars a week is worth losing 4000 a week.

Its nuts.