Where Are You Getting Your Pizza Boxes?

Shortly after we bought our store last fall, I had a chance to buy a bulk order of printed pizza boxes from the former supplier who had gone out of business and was liquidating a warehouse. I bought over 2 tons (literally) for around $9/case, so it was a pretty amazing deal and I haven’t had to even bother with that for 9 months.

We’re using up the last of them this week and I need to find a new source. I can get them at Restaurant Depot, but they’re pretty low quality. My distributor also sells them, but they’re pretty much the same thing for a couple bucks more than RD. Google seems to not be giving me much of anything either.


Try Reinhart Foodservice. Best Boxes at the best price since I looked everywhere a few months ago.

Star Pizza Box Co: Florida, Arizona, & Ohio. 1-800-626-0828
Smurfit Stone: Locations all over the USA. 1-314-656-5300
Avco Industries: NY,NJ, FLA 1-631-851-1555

There are different size flute boxes.
Standard Flute sizes are “E” an “B”
Restaurant depot uses “E” Flute boxes, which are less stronger then the “B”
Both sizes have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you have another distributor that you use, (ie Sysco, US Foods, Vesuvio), they should be able to get them for you. Otherwise, you have to contact one of the wholesalers directly.

Hey indie pizza,
What size boxes are you looking for?

Call Len @ Inglese Box Company, these guys are huge out here in the midwest.


I use star

SoFo Foods has 16" boxes with the coca-cola advertising on them for $5 bundle. Or a little better box with Boost phone advertising for $8 bundle. I prefer the boost because they are a little heavier.

Thanks for the info guys, those boxes from SoFo sound like a nice deal!

I think boxes with Coca Cola advertising on are kind of tacky…If you are selling “dirt cheap” pizza go for it…If you are trying present a quality image I think it might do more harm than good…

I concur.

Also consider that the smaller the box, the less rigid the cardboard needs to be to support the top (smaller span).