Where Can I Find Parts For My ACME Dough Roller?

Can’t seem to find anything through web searches. I need to replace a plastic piece that guides the dough after going past the second roller.

If you find somewhere please let me know. My motor went out and I was luckily able to get that from Grainger, but I have never been able to find parts for that thing. We are considering purchasing a used sheeter and just keeping it in storage in case of a failure, but I would rather buy an assortment of parts to keep on hand.


you can try here, I don’t see the pizza dough sheeter but I think this is the right company.

Penalope has it correct.

For some reason thes folks are hard to find>

George Mills

Thanks. I’m guessing they’re not in today, so I’ll try them tomorrow.

One of the best sites to get parts is acmepbe.com or if you are looking for refurbished Acme Dough Sheeters we sell them at $1,975.00 call me if you are interested my phone nuber is (616) 827-6400 :slight_smile:

I have a used Acme bench dough roller mrs11-r thats complete minus the motor, gear box and chain. Willing to sell if anyone is interested.

John how much for the dough roller?