Where can I find this Sausage?

I was traveling through a small town and came across a pizzeria. The sausage they used on the pizza was so good I must have it for my restaurant. If anyone knows a supplier please let me know. The sausage was a mild sausage but was crumbled and small. Seemed like the sausage just filled every single whole in the crust was just… AWSOME.

Also looking for a great pepperoni supplier, anyone have good experiences to share?

Did you ask the owner about the sausage? I’ve been playing around with grinding and seasoning my own. My blend is a little My guess is that this owner is doing the same or having a butcher custom grind and season it for him/her.

I meant to say that My blend is a little too spicy yet, but close.

I do my own and it fits the description you are looking for.

Apologies for the semi-hijacking, but I’m planning to do our own sausage as well. If anyone has tips and recipes they don’t mind putting out there.

I did talk to the owner and he wouldnt tell me lol. Told me to just keep buying the pizza lol. I did manage to weasel out of one of the employees that it comes that way in a package and they just open them and put it on the pizza. I don’t think if I just grind it it can come out as fine as the sausage I experienced came out.

Can you mention where this shop was and perhaps the name? Maybe someone else on the board has been there before you?

I am currently grinding mine with a meat grinder attachment for my mixer with a 3/8" plate.
The ingredients I am using are:
10# Pork Shoulder
2 oz salt
.5 oz pepper
.5 oz granulated garlic
.1 oz Basil
.1 oz Crushed red pepper
6 oz Water

This was what I used in my last batch I made. I still found it a little too spiced up on its own, but was pretty tasty when placed on a pizza.

Oops…forgot the fennel seed. .3 oz.

for 10#s i use:

10 tsp salt
10tsp black pepper
12 tsp paprika
5 tsp garlic powder
5 tsp fennel seed
2 1/2 tsp rubbed sage
2 1/2 cups ice cold water

mix and refrig overnight sealed, then cook and use

Mozzi’s Pizza in Greenfield IN

I know the sausage mozzi’s uses
its Delco’s red label sausage its the exact same I use its wonderful, now I have found the exact equilvent in a burk product if you are interested.
on a side note where are you located?

also want to add that I can not tell you hao many people love this sausage! and at 1.50 a lb its priced right

Indianapolis IN is where I am from, I am thinking of opening a store on the south side of town around 465 and Brookville road area. See you are in Brownsburg, I’ll have to head up there and try some of your pies. Yeah gimme the info you have on that sausage would be great =). Where in Brownsburg are you located?

I think that’s on the southeast of indy isn’t it…hows the location? have you searched out who your direct competitors are? What’s your demographics like…please stop in I’m in downtown brownsbug

RockStar - What is the Burke equvelant?

item code 57688

My guess is that they get it from a small artisanal company called SYSCO. :wink: