Where can i get my touchscreens repaired?

Can anyone recommend a place to have my touchscreens fixed for my old rapidfire system. Had two of them go out this month and cant seem to find anyone who works on them.

Google touchscreen repair and you will find a bunch. The first one that came up for me was www.touchscreenrepair.com , I hope one of them can help you.

My experience is that it is cheaper to buy another one. Go on ebay and search for elo touchscreen. I buy they 2-3 at a time every 3-4 years and normally pay about $150 apiece. I wait until I find a closeout of some discontinued model being blown out so they are new. I keep them in storage so I can hook one up the same night if one goes out. I have five touch screens in the shop. I have replaced all of them twice in 9 years. I have a couple of spares left at the moment.

These are the guys I bought from last time. They were very helpful and shipped promptly: http://search.stores.ebay.com/Silicon-X … 02QQsofpZ0

Configuring a different model of touchsceen to your sytem is a piece of cake.