Where can I test commercial deck ovens?

Does anyone know of a place where I can test different commercial deck ovens before I purchase one? A test kitchen perhaps? Located in Colorado but prepared to travel.

Hi David:

Most oven manufacturers have test kitchens you can visit.

If you are looking to compare various manufacturers I do not think there is one place with the various brands available.

George Mills

The test kitchens are one route but I think you are better off finding a few end users that have the exact ovens you are looking to compare in use and go see them in operation under real life circumstances. Any test kitchen will make the perfect pizza…but how about the 127th pizza of the night in 2 hours? Do bake times go from 7 to 17 minutes? It says it will hold eight 16" pies at once…but can anyone work an oven like that? Call the manufacturers and they should willingly give you the names of local shops with their products…and get a few. Call around and check them out. Also, try to talk to the kitchen workers and not just the managers or owners if you can. I learned long ago that starting at the bottom is the best way to get the most accurate information about any operation. Best of luck.

Get ye to Tom and Jeff’s AIB “Pizza Production Technology” class in Kansas this Fall. You’ll have the advantage of great expert advice to be sure, but also multiple different ovens and doughs to play with. win win.

[size=5]WHAT HE SAID!![/size] :slight_smile:
Perfect storm of expertise, materials to work with and equipment to experience . . . and the guys who know how to use the equipment.

Gas Company.