Where do I rent a Floor Cleaner?

I’m wanting to strip and wax my 1000 sq.ft floor (last done 2.5 years ago) and i’ve been calling everywhere trying to find a place that rents the big swirly floor cleaners… but no body has them!
Plus, the places I call that will scrub the floors for me want $1000… forget that. I asked them if i could rent their machine… nope.

i got nothin here… NOTHIN! JEEZ!

anyone know of someplace that sells or rents them? I’m in the south chicago area.

Thanks all!

Check with your chemical supplier. Mine will rent them to you as long as you buy the chemicals from them.

United rentals is one nationwide company that will rent them. We also have a few local companies that rent equipment. check out: http://www.ur.com/

as tacky as this may sound I bought mine from a pawn shop. cost the same as a one time rental

That isnt tacky! THAT IS GENIUS! How else could we make it through those tough times if we didnt know how to get the best deal everytime!

We have two tool rental places in the nearby town where we rent such as this. Look in the ACK!! . . . yellow pages or online for Tool Rental places in your town or nearby. It’s where people go to rent ditch diggers, augers, bobcats, power washers, chainsaws, tile chippers, and floor machines. I paid I believe $45 for a half day when I rented mine in April 2007.

You had best be careful with reference to the evil book. You may not be able to stop the choking next time. :twisted: