Where do you get your Pre-Printed Checks from?

As this is for a pizza business, i figure why not post it up here:
I use Quickbooks, so I’ve been getting my checks from Deluxe… but they are super expensive compared to other places i’ve found on-line.
So, who do you guys use?
I’ve found these places below, anyone use these any of these guys?
http://www.advlaser.com/Quicken-Quickbo … -s/239.htm
http://www.discounttaxforms.com/categor … _s/349.htm
http://www.securechecks.com/vp_asp/scri … ser+Checks

We also use Quickbooks and have been getting our checks for approx. 10 years now from checksinthemail.com. We use the laser checks and get 1000 for about $101.00. Not sure how this prices compares to what you’ve been paying, but ordering directly from Quickbooks for ANY supplies always seems higher.

People still use/print checks? :shock: :smiley:

I get mine from Costco.com. Can’t remember exactly what I paid the last time I got them…but I do know it was cheaper than some of the other places I checked out.

what else would you use?

The links above range around $85 for 1000 checks… for the past few years i’ve been paying $160 per 1000 from Deluxe (doh!)

Personally my employees prefer me to give them a printed check. It just took too long for the debit card to be passed around amongst them on payday :lol: