Where do you get your wings from??

Hey guys, we started selling wings not to long ago. We have 2 issues here and need to be addressed pretty damn quick before they really hurt sales.
1-) RD sells “jumbo” wings. well there isnt anything jumbo about them. The look like the chickens were raised in Ethiopia or something. So by the time I cook them they look even smaller. I need to find nice size wings!

2-) RD sells them at to high of a price (I forget the price) but the by the time I give the sauce, dish, cup, bag etc etc the profit margin is small and the cost is to damn high.

I always see ads in the PMQ mag for " La Nova" wings. I never tried them before. What wings do you use and how much you charge for 6 ???


Wing prices are high everywhere…I imagine La Nova are even pricier…

Stick with RD & raise your prices…

We sell Willowbrook brand (used to be available at Sam’s club) kettle-fried wings. They come fully cooked and we reheat them in our oven. The “drumsticks” are large - almost too large. We sell 6 wings for $5.99.

Wings are really just a throw-in or courtesy item for us. If I wanted to really push them or thought I could move a lot, I would buy fresh wings and put fryers in the stores.

who delivers most of your supplies now? US Foods and Sysco both carry fresh wings as well as most all other full service dist.

I’m from Buffalo so all we get are fresh wings. We usually get them from Will Poultry.

The precooked jumbo wings that are frozen are the biggest wings I have seen. Right now they are a little smaller than usual but that is the way all wings are right now. Check with your food suppliers for the 30lb precooked (steamed) jumbo wings. They are the best tasting and always the biggest.

We are currently paying $1.74/lb for jumbo fresh wings from SOFO. Does that sound about the going rate?


we paid 1.71 this morning so its in the ballpark

Bonici oven roasted wings from Tyson are worth a look. They have a couple of different sizes and are competitively priced. Should be available from most distributors.

At one point, I was told the Tyson brand wings were actually La Nova in drag. Whether that’s true or not, they are good. I didn’t realize they had taken the Bonici name, too.

Actually, it is the other way around.
La Nova rents a room from Tyson, uses Tyson wings with La Nova’s specs.
Then La Nova uses their patented sauces. They leave at the end of the day and Tyson
comes in and cleans and sanitizes their own equipment and it starts over the next shift.

Interesting. Thanks!

We use pre-cooked jumbo Pierce wings from Sysco. They are awesome, but expensive. They are about $72 a case. They fry beautifully for about 12-15 minutes. We sell 6 for $4.25 $7.99 a dozen.

Bonici is the USFoods house brand for Italian foods et al.

Nope. Bonici is a Tyson brandname. The par-baked shells, f’rinstance, were originally (in my realm of usage, at least) TNT brand name. That evolved into something else which, after Tyson bought them, became Bonici.

Yep, I get some Bonici products from SOFO food of Georgia, which usta be Paparela which usta be Bari.

I am indeed a moron. Bonici Brothers is not at all the brand I was trying to remember. I even used to use a Bonici 100% beef crumble (well. 98% probably) for pizzas. Still have some in freezer at home. Wow . . . either a tumor, or I need to find a good pizza joint SOON.

Nick, you used the term, not me—just for the record! :lol:

Heck, for a couple of years it seems that those par baked crusts changed names every other week. I’m sort of surprised that they haven’t changed the whole Bonici line to another name now, some 2 years after I last dealt with them at all.

Have a great weekend!

I buy them from RDepot…1.68 pound

We’re acquiring a convection oven and are seriously considering a brine and bake product. Even sounds healthy… at least until they are coated in wing sauce.

Does anyone brine their wings before baking/frying?