Where do you keep your pizzas while waiting to be picked up?

Ive been using top of the oven since the beginning. I have a feeling it creates a drying effect on the pizza especially if customers dont pick up quickly.

I see some of the chains using a cabinet. Idk if its actually better never tried it.

Also on Friday night the top of the oven gets and stays so packed with pizza its a problem, a good problem

But whats the consensus

I use 2 warming cabinets.

I have a shelf with strip warmers hanging above.

I use the top of the oven, but not directly on the oven. I have a couple of sheet pan grates to give about a half inch space.

Thats exactly what we do same exact thing.

Whenever someone doesn’t pick up a sub, or a cheeseburger, or some chicken tenders, we usually start eating it near the end of the night.
Im always pleasantly surprised how awesome our food still tastes after sitting around for a long time

The only thing that doesn’t stay excellent is pizza that sits on the oven for awhile. It gets dried out and really loses taste and quality.

We use these 5ft. Pizza Holding Table We have one for pickups and one for deliveries.

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How important is HUMIDITY? In holding pizza for periods of time

Holding cabinets offer humidity, im wondering if that keeps the pizza better

we use the same concept but heat is built in to shelf which I prefer
Brand is FWE Heated Holding Shelf

Humidity is a plus for cheese, minus for crust.

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