Where do you store your dough??

I use white pizza trays to store my dough in the walk-in. When I get an order… I go to the walk-in grab the appropriate doughs, dock, then cook. Do you guys have a reach in fridge near your dock station that holds the dough trays or is it to the walk-in each time? Or, do you pull a few trays out of the walk-in and use them at room temp. My dough seems to do alot better when you use it cold. thanks

We store the bulk of it in the walk-in. We keep just what we anticipate using in the next 2 to 3 hours in a reach in next to the skinning table.

Most times of the year we will pull several trays from the walk in about 5PM and let the dough sit out at room temp. The quantity is what we expect to use in the first two hours of dinner. If we expect to be busy, we will toss the first 20-30 skins and rack them.

In the winter, we will take about 20-25 trays out of the walk in at around 3PM for the same purpose.

Dough handles a lot easier at room temp.

We store in the walk in. We actually have two glass display doors (like the ones from a c-store with pop inside) and we reach in and pull the dough off of the trays then. It works out pretty well. I saw a guy that converted a gas station into a shop and it worked really well.

We keep about 10 trays refrigerated under the pizza table.

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Really though, I keep it on trays in the walkin, then as needed it is brought out to a cooler under the screen table. We do roughly 200 balls a day and this process works very well for us. It allows for us to make dough as we need it and not to have to keep a keen eye on it over proofing…