Where else do you get information about the industry?

Hey guys,
I am trying to find out where else people are going to for information about the industry? Do you read any websites, blogs, news sites, etc.? I’ll be up front and tell you right now that I am doing research for the distributor I work for, foodservicewarehouse.com
Any responses would be greatly appreciated! Thanks a lot.

What kind of information? Avg. kitchen size? Avg. ticket? Popular toppings? What the most widely used flour is?

re: indie pizza

Pretty much looking for any and all online sources of information you use for anything related to running a pizza operation. For instance, websites that talk about recipes.
Thanks for your response!

nothing beats networking on pmq

Get a job in a pizza joint!

Also read the articles on pizzamarketplace.com.

Try looking here too


You should also check out the PMQ Industry Information at http://pmq.com/industryreports09.php.



If you’re honestly looking to learn how to improve your service to your clients, as well as, improve their sales (especially if they’re independent stores), ask your questions here. Steveo will let you know if you’re asking to many questions. :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks for the replies!
Are there any organizations for pizza operation owners that you belong to? I’m not even sure if such a thing exists…just curious.

NAPO National Association of Pizzeria Operators. I’m not a member, it never seemed like they offered much for members.