Where has j_rokk been?

Has anyone talked with J_rokk?

What’s up?

j_r0kk closed his store in February. Unfortunately, I don’t think he closed by choice.

He has a myspace that I just checked on and he logged in today, so he’s still out there. But since he hasn’t posted here in forever I’m thinking he really doesn’t want to talk about it.

He was probably the most helpful person I’ve ever seen post on the TT. Reading his posts usually got me excited about my own business.

Piper, would you PM me his myspace page? I’d like to see what he has posted.

He likewise made a huge difference in my business sense and enthusiasm about my place. It was the man and not just the “pizzas operator” that always sucked me in and kept me excited about building another day when we were ding our build out in April-May 2007.

Info sent.