where to buy bread for sub sandwiches

wondering if anyone of you know where can i get the best quality sub bread for my sandwiches i am loooking for frozen dough that i can bake at my restaurant please help thank you

We are going to make our own. Heck, we got everything we need and it is something we can brag about.

we make our bread … well we make everyythinggggggg

I’ve used Wenner frozen dough before and it’s a crowd pleaser. They have a wide variety of breads available and all that I’ve tried are very good.


Nothing is better than making your own though…

how about getting a local bakery to make it? i get anywhere from 40-80 sub breads delivered every day for me.

would not i get a better quality from baking a frozen do at m restaurant ?
i do not know if i am doing this right but i am looking under bakeries in dallas and all i get
is cake makers not bread bakers should i look under different title TY

lilian,go visit some local bakeries in your area and taste there italian bread.see if its good and work something out w/them.Look for a seeded semolina and focus on making great hoagies because this will seperate you from all the other Pizza joints.Be different it is worth it.Check out my menu on my web site www.goombaspizzaria.com maybe you can get some ideas.


I am pretty sure Rich’s has a good product in this category, but the best way to go is to use a local commercial bakery. Most towns of some size have one in the area. We used to buy cookies and brownies from one in our town, we gave them a key to place and the good were waiting on the counter when we arrived in the morning. They delivered either a set quantity or what we called in and the stuff was there before 6AM. I know they also did burger buns for local hamburger places and hogie rolls for sandwhich shops.

You can also get a decent quality bun from either US Foods or Sysco if the case size works for you. Years ago we used one that came frozen for hot dogs and the quality was quite good.

Your local Sam’s club bakery.

ROBT what brand of dressings are you using with your salads or sandiwches?

We use Wenner and have been happy with their RUSTICA and SOURDOUGH rolls.

We used to make our own. There is a good recepie @ conagra’s web site. We buy it from Roma now. It comes from pillsbury.

local bakery