Where to buy custom Stickers?

Hey all,
Where do you guys buy your custom stickers? I use Taradel for all my printing needs but the only stickers they have a rectangle stock. I’m trying to find round stock on a roll or sheet so that I can place our logo on the boxes before they go out the door.

Checked a bunch of sticker shops online via google search but they are pretty high priced compared to Taradels $.06 ea. for a business card size sticker.

Thanks all!

I have done some for some fellow Think Tankers…What are you looking for?..

2" or so… round, either 3 color of full color… just our logo on the sticker.


Instead of spending 6 cents each per box to put a small sticker on it I would imagine that you could get custom boxes for that price.

even 6 cents is way too high.

gotprint.com does them for less than 2 cents each in qty of 10,000. 3.5 cents for only 1,000.

But they don’t have round.

Haven’t found anyone that beats Gotprint.

But to second a previous post, I would have to think custom boxes would not only be more effective, but cheaper as well given the cost of stickers, labor, and inventory.

Printing the custom boxes is a good option but if you already have a good stock of boxes then there is no option left instead of printing the stickers. And as far as price is concerned, the there are many other online printing companies which are offering stickers at lesser price than Gotprint. The best i have came accross so far is http://www.printinghost.com/ , they are offering the same quality printing at less price and designing and shipment is free with every sticker order within USA and Canada.

Try Elite Design Labels and Printing:


They do other custom printed items as well such as magnets, business cards and more. They have great customer service and offer free graphic design services, samples, free email proofs and have low prices. They can print just about any type of label or sticker you might need and will offer suggestions as well - a must try!