Where to buy equipment in the midwest

Does anyone know of any auction houses, warehouses, or stores that sell used restaurant equipment. I’m located in Southern Kansas, so anywhere in KS, Ok, North Texas, Missouri would be awesome. I’m planning on opening a pizzeria in 18 months or so. I’ve been looking online and ebay seems about the best place to look for used equipment. I want to get my oven in the next 6 months so I can start testing my pizzas, and I have a small budget ($5000 max).

Equip-bid.com is a good one out of kansas city

Thanks, that looks like a good site! Just what I was looking for.

What kind of oven are you planning to buy? If it’s an air impingement oven, take a look at BOFI/XLT in Wichita. While they manufacture new ovens, they also have good prices on both “scratch and dent” as well as factory reconditioned air impingement ovens, and they provide great service to boot. As a fellow Kansas, please give me a call and I will be glad to discuss things with you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor
Tel: 800-633-5137 (ext. 165) or direct line at 785-706-0165
Manhattan, Kansas


i have some used equipment ovens, tables, smallwares refrigeration willing to deal to get rid of

i’m in sw oklahoma

Clark & Denise Morelli at Midwest pizza equipment (636)441-1964; they are in Missouri and they know pizza equipment

Ed at BakeKing in Ohio might have something for you. I got my mixer from him for a killer deal but it might still be out of your budget. - Bake King - (330) 538-2578

Auctions! Get your name on the mailing lists of auctions in those areas.

Do you own AJ’s NY Pizzeria there in Manhattan? I want to get a double deck gas oven, not a conveyor belt oven. To be honest I have never used this type of oven before, where I work now uses a double deck conveyor oven. I have family in Topeka, so next time I am up there I will have to come by your pizzeria. I currently live in Wichita, not where I am going to open my business, too much competition for a start up imho. I will have to go to bofi/xlt to look at there ovens sometime, I have tomorrow off, maybe I will get to go then.

Nope, don’t own AJ’s, that honor goes to Adam Peyton. I just worked with Adam in developing my slice concept into a commercial operation, which we have done very well.
As for an oven, it all depends upon what you want to do. If you want to make a slice by my concept, air impingement ovens are in your future. If you want to make your slices like everyone else, deck ovens will work just fine for you.
By all means, stop in and visit with Adam when you’re in the area, I’m sure he’ll be glad to spend some time with you.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

I am the owner of Aj’s here in Manhattan. Let me know anytime you are in town

I’m in Emporia, feel free to pop in. I’m always happy to give an honest view of what life is like building up an indie shop budget (it’s not all doom and gloom, but it gets rough).

Hey AJ, I taught myself how to reupholster those worn out booths. Only spent 5% of the lowest bid I got and the dining room looks sooooo much better.