Where to buy Smallware Online

I am looking to buy Oven to Table platters for Lasagna and parmesan dishes, can anyone help me in my search?


For the best prices, try katom.com. I used to order from them and slowly moved to my local equipment place and Northern Pizza Equipment. Recently I was looking for some items and was shocked at how much cheaper Katom was.

I usually can find pretty darn good deals at one of these…

I put them in the order I usually find the best price, but sometimes they are all over the place! Sams Club usually has pretty decent prices, but watch the shipping charges as they are out of control high at times!

I swear by centralrestaurant.com . The prices are about the same as big tray and some of the competitors, but the customer service is great, and they ship quickly! If I order in the AM a lot of times they will have confirmation of shipment that evening. This has happened almost everytime I ordered from them except for once, and that was shipped the next morning.

I’ve had a terrible customer service experience with webstaurant.com. I ordered a scale from them and received shipping confirmation. Called them back in a couple weeks when it was not received they told me it was backordered. I asked them to cancel the order, which they agreed to do. Took me a call 30 days later then a second call 45 days later to get the charge removed from my credit card.

In the end we do not buy enough small wares often enough to go rooting around looking how to save a few cents. I buy them though US foods. They are delivered from one or another supplier they tie into and bill comes on a US Foods invoice with terms. If something is not right, I tell the rep and he gets it taken care of with no cost to us.

I’ll add a shout-out for “Serv-U” as well. Full service, easy to navigate online presence, well trained staff. I have found their pricing to be among the best of the suppliers I’ll check in on, and I have the added bonus of having one of their national warehouses 28 minutes from my shop.