Where to Demo Conveyor Ovens???

I’m interested in checking out the XLT’s, Edges and Wows as these seem to be the most talked about ovens on here. From ads I’ve seen, Wow will fly you out to see theirs.

Just trying to see if anyone has some advice for the best way to go about this. I’m in Southern California.

I know that Edge came to me to demo their oven in my parking lot. Call them up and see if they can set something like that up for you.

One surefire way is to go to the AIB class on Pizza Production. They had about any oven you could think of there.

Hi Pizzapirate:

Send me your E mail address and I will arrange for you to visit the XLT demo kitchen in Wichita Kansas.

George Mills Pizzaovens@aol.com

I would be happy to arange a test for you in an EDGE series oven at one of our test locations or our manufacturing facility in PA . I can also arrange for the President of the company to meet with you at the test location. Test sites nearest you are in Denver, CO and Springfield, MO. please email or call me to arrange testing. Mfrench@edgeovens.com or 1.888.480.EDGE
Thank You

If anyone ever wants to test an Edge oven in North Florida, I’m always happy to allow mine to be used as a demo, just as I was with my previous ovens. I have two different finger setups in my Edge ovens so that may help you dial in one or the other to your specific pizza.

You might e-mail Jeff Zeak at jzeak@aibonline.org to see which ovens he has lined up for baking with at out Practical Pizza Seminar in October. I know he has both XLT and Middleby’s WOW, but I don’t know about the EDGE.
Another option is to contact the manufacturers to find out which shows they will have their product at either from corporate or through a distributor, then plan to attend the show where all of them will be at the same time. The Orlando Pizza Show in September is the next show coming up.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor