Where to get a cheese, baller/cuber?

Hey all, I was wondering where to find a cheese cuber/dicer/i dont know exaclty what it’s called…
I want to take my bricks of Mozz and cut them into those little pellets like what Dominos uses.

I put sliced cheese on right now, and I do not like to use shredded (even though I know they have attachments for my mixer for shredded.)

BTW, I like the new look to the forum. :smiley:

dicer maybe? i dont know what it’s called. :o

I would reccomend a VCM to get close to this. It doesn’t dice the cheese as much as it grinds it, but comes out pretty well. A machine to dice it like the big chains use would be very cost prohibitive for a single store.

what is a VCM?

It’s a “vertical cutter mixer”. They are commonly used to grind cheese, mix dough, mix sauce, and dice vegetables. All but a very few of them require three phase electricity. Here’s an ebay link for one so you know what they look like.

http://cgi.ebay.com/Hobart-VCM-Cutter-M … dZViewItem

I use a Stefan VCM. It works very well to do what you are asking about and would replace your mixer for dough as well. It mixes a 40lb batch of dough in about 2.5 minutes and takes care of 23 lbs of cheese (1/2 case of blocks) in 25 seconds. The result is very easy to handle and to control costs.

I can’t imagine using slices!