Where to get condiment packets?

I started off with the regular food vendor, but they kept changing manufacturers and raising their prices to the point it was ridiculous. Then I found a place in NY (Pizza Packet), but its a 50/50 split on whether they will even answer the phone to take an order (and even though their website says it will ship out the next day, I have waited a month to get my orders). I have also found scattered packets of theirs, in a case, that has no product in the packet at all. With my past experience, I wouldn’t even trust a order placed through their web site.

So now I am looking for alternatives, but in this, Google is not my friend.

Any ideas? For comparisons sake, the woefully mismanaged Pizza Packet sells cases of Parmesan packets for $15 for 200 count 3 gr packets; free ship if you order 6+ cases.

We get ours from either Sysco or US food. They both have several choices.

We were getting ours from FSA, unfortunately they discontinued the Kraft name brand Parmesan and packaged their own, but the parm was stale! Which is why we switched to PP, (I had posted our story under the PizzaPacket thread… I’m the other half of the OP :wink:

(we were always Happy with the N’joy brand of Red Pepper Flakes.) :wink: its a team effort!

Doh, that what I get for not telling the wife I was posting this, LOL!

Thanks Bodegahwy. Sysco only delivers to our area through third party distributors (not directly), who add on 10-20% to the cost, making them our most expensive option. I don’t think US Foods would even deliver to our tiny mountain town if no one else here buys from them. I’ll have to ask around and see if they come out here.

I picked ours up from Sam’s Club for about 10 years. They had the best deal. $12 for a 1000 pack of red peppers and $18 for 500 pack of cheese. It was getting to be a bit too much work, so I asked my distributor to find a company that would print our logo on the packet and get us the same price as Sams Club. They found the Pizza Packet People. Its been both good and a little bad. The good is our packets look and tasted great. Its like we have 1000’s of little business cards floating around in peoples kitchens all over the place. The price is good. $20 for 500 cheese and $16 for 1000 red peppers. The bad is that they are slow. We placed our first order in May of last year and the packets arrived in October. We ran out in Jan and didn’t get our second shipment for a another month. We have them now but we’ll see how the future goes. My distributor says they are Orthodox Jews and will not work during certain times.

we buy our parm and peppers in bulk and package them in 3/4oz soufle cups we give out 1 cup of each for each pizza and that is usually enough for most people.

Sounds very expensive for something that mostly gets tossed.

We use 1oz glassine bags for our parmesan cheese. 1000/$10.47 Its a little time consuming, but seems to be worth it.

Not sure if these help anyone but I figured it was worth posting…


we only hand them out on request and we use a good quality parm very tasty. I figure it costs about the same as handing out about 3 - 4 packets of parm vs the 1 cup that we hand out.

It a lousy feeling when customers ask you for the expensive things on the side after they’ve been rung up (parmesan, pecorino romano, alfredo sauce, bleu cheese) bc they don’t realize its expensive to us. I think a lot of people think I get the products for next to nothing bc I buy in bulk