Where to get Gift/Loyalty Cards?

Hey all,

Just starting using Point-of-Success POS, and switched over to Mercury Payment Systems as our Credit Card Processor… which also includes Gift Card & Loyalty Card processing for free.

Wanted to know where you guys are getting your Gift/Loyalty Cards? MPS said that we can get the cards pretty much anywhere and they should work, we just have to double check with them once we find a supplier.

Thanks all!

MPS gave me 100 free gift cards when I set up with them. I’m surprised they didn’t make the same offer to you.

Same for me 200 free cards when I got my POS from Signature Systems and processing with MPS. Just ordered my second batch package is $290. for 500 with holders and table tents. Been very satisfied thus far

For the $290 for 500 cards, it says your logo has to be black and white… how do your cards look? Do you have a picture you can post up?


Thanks again guys, I e-mailed MPS and asked them about a free startup pack of 200 cards, and they sent me the paperwork for them. :smiley:
I should have them by next week… now were getting fandancy! lol

Don’t forget to have your staff hang onto used gift cards. I keep my used ones in a separate stack and reuse them, you just have to “recharge” it instead of “activate”, makes them last a lot longer.