Where would you open a carryout/delivery store within U.S. for highest sales?

If you could move anywhere withing the country where would it be the best location for carryout/delivery store?
Small town,big city?
Somewhere in between?

The honest answer is its where you can capture the highest amount of people as customers. If you open in a small town with 5000 people and hypothetically capture 100% market share you have a maximum customer base of 5,000. If you open in a city with 1,000,000 people and can capture 10% market share you have a customer base of 100,000. In this hypothetical you would be better off in the bigger market as long as you can capture over 5,000 people (This is completely ignoring additional costs associated with rents and other various costs associated with bigger vs smaller markets). Its really something that you have to try and analyze on a per market basis, perhaps you can capture more customers in a 25,000 person market than the 1,000,000 person market you just have to look at each scenario individually. To make things ever more complex there’s things to consider such as order frequency and average ticket sales.

I would also seriously consider what the local labor market looks like. If you can’t find employee’s it doesn’t matter how good your product is. Customers will never be able to buy it.

We place pizza shops in all types of markets nation wide very rarely have a failure.

The above is good advice.

George Mills


Michael Shepherd’s pizzerias are all in towns around 15k people and they gross:

286k(carryout only)
700k(carryout,delivery and few tables)
over 1 mil(full service)

I got the numbers from article he wrote.
He obviously dominates local market.

Those numbers don’t blow me away- not bad but…

That’s 2 mil gross,20% profit,200k take home.
I would be very happy with that.

If the trump passes tax cut from 33 to 15% that would be even better :slight_smile:

Understood, But 286K for a C/O location seems… ok… at best.
The others, better.

In a town of 516(five hundred)people Rushsylvania,OH that’s more than ok.

Not familiar w/ the demos so… it is. That said- why do it in a town with 516 people? I mean, I’ve owned stores in low-volume town but… 516 people? Again, too many variables to understand or know so… making assessments and drawing conclusions can be difficult. Friend of mine had a pizza shop on a town with 300 people; Liked to tell us he was doing 50K/week.
Which he was. He forgot to mention he was 9’ from the biggest truck stop in America!

That has to be iowa 80,lot of traffic there.
Probably most of his customers were out of state travelers,truckers,rv drivers…

Drove 18 wheeler in a past life and yes Iowa 80 is the biggest truck stop in the country with well over 400 spaces for truck parking. [emoji6]

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It was… that’s funny.
I dealt with that for years; Franchisees talking about unbelievable sales and always leaving out one teeny tiny bit of info.
“Oh, I do $70K/week with only 1500 addresses”
“Don’t you service University of Texas from that store?”
“Oh, umm, well, yes”
“Ok, so you have 1500 residents and 100,000 STUDENTS… right… now I understand”

What do you guys think of Tampa bay area?
Lot of tourists passses through but lot of competition too.