Where's Tom's Dough Maintenance Guide


Can anyone help me find Tom’s dough maintenance guide, that he references quite frequently as being in located in the recipe bank? I’ve tried, but cannot find it.



Is this what you are looking for?

  1. Determine water temperature needed to give a finished (mixed) dough temperature of 80 to 85F. With a room temperature of 70 to 75F, this will typically require a water temperature of 65F using a planetary mixer.
  2. Add the water to the mixing bowl.
  3. Add salt and sugar (if used) to the water. Do not stir in.
  4. Add the flour and then add the yeast.
  5. Mix for two minutes in low speed, add the oil and mix for one more minute in low speed.
  6. Then mix for 8 to 10 minutes at second (medium) speed or first speed for approximately 15-minutes. The idea is to mix the dough just until it takes on a smooth appearance.
  7. Check the finished dough temperature (it should be in the 80 to 85F ranfe).
  8. Take the dough directly to the bench for scaling and rounding/balling.
  9. The dough should be cut and balled within a 20-minute time period.
  10. As soon as the dough is formed into balls, place in plastic dough boxes and wipe the top of the dough balls with salad oil.
  11. Immediately take thedough boxes to the cooler and cross stack them.
  12. Allow the dough boxes to remain cross stacked in the cooler for 2-hours, then down stack and nest the dough boxes.
  13. The dough will be ready to use after 16-hours in the cooler.
  14. To use the dough, remove about a 3-hour supply of dough from the cooler, leave it in the covered dough boxes and allow it to temper AT room temperature for 60 to 90-minutes, then begin shaping the dough into pizza skins for immediate use.
  15. The dough will remain good to use for up to 3-hours after you first begin using it.
  16. Any dough remaining in the cooler will keep for up to 3-days.


Thanks P.N.
“Dough Management Procedure”
Tom Lehmann/TDD