which conveyor cooks the pizza the best?

At peak busy times, when the conveyors are full with pizzas which conveyor cooks the pizzas the best?

I have used Middleby Wow ovens and they do not cook well when conveyors are packed with pizzas.

Also looking for a deck like bake where the cheese on top gets a “blotchy” look and looks like it came out of a deck oven?

Can anyone recommend a good conveyor oven?

Hi Sunny.

We Have placed Hundreds of XLT ovens and no complaints. Buyers love the 5 year warrantee.

George Mills

Properly set up, middleby marshall, lincoln, xlt, and edge ovens all bake great pizzas. You just have to experiment with temp. and bake times to figure out the best way to cook your produce. If you are buying new you get much more bang for your buck with edge or xlt ovens. Both companies also have excellent support if you have questions after the purchase, whether you bought new or used. Personally, For the money, I find it hard to beat the edge 60s, and don’t see myself using anything else in my future.

George, anywhere up in Canada we can test our pizzas with the XLT?

Sorry Sunny:

There are no test facilities that I know of in Canada.

There would be no reason your product would not bake fine in an XLT. We did hundreds of demos of that and other ovens that use the same air impingement system and never failed to bake the product just the way the operator wanted it.

George Mills

I have XLTs and have been extremely pleased. The edge ovens also get rave reviews on this board, so I don’t think you could go wrong with either brand.