Which conveyor oven to use?A big question for sure.

OK I’ve decided on useing a conveyor as it sems to make the most sense for me.Now how do I know which one to buy?
This isn’t like cheese where if you don’t like it you switch.Talking a $5-$10K investment that will affect my business for years to come.
How do I know which one to buy.I know it will be gas for my main oven.
MM,Linc., Blodgett,etc?
Any help here is greatly appreciated as This is one big decision.

We use doublstacked MM360’s - all purchased refurb from PESI - in all of our stores. They are no-fuss, and we don’t have problems with them.

You should be able to pick up a refurbed doublestack within your price range.

Is it true the dbl stacks are all seperate so if one doesn’t start up,it won’t effect the other one.Also what is a good thing to look for/ask on the phone when deciding what to buy?

Don’t forget about your Lincoln Impinger 1400 series ovens… the same oven capacity as a Middleby Marshall 360 but quieter, doesn’t take up as much room, cook a little better (my opinion), and cost less than the Middlebys.

Good used price for a Lincoln 1400 series - $14k

And yes, they’re two separate ovens with two separate power cords. They’re just made to stack on top of one another. -J_r0kk

I recommend you focus on type, then brands later.
There is impingment ovens like Lincoln and Middleby, and non-impingment ovens like Q-matic, Picard, and CTX.
Check them out and see which one you think will bake your pizza the best and the kind you want. Then you can chek out a brand on service, price, availbility, etc,
good luck,


For the best cook for the price I would look for lincoln 1000’s. Check out ebay for some great deals. If you are worried about reliability, have them professionaly installed and have the installer check all major parts… Conveyor motor, burner blower motor, temp control, gas valves. Replace your thermocouple regardless of what condition they say its in, as these get screwed up easily in shipping. The lincoln 1000’s have the same cooking capacity as the 1400’s, just an earlier model so you can find them cheaper.

We bought a MM360 and it’s been great. We were lucky enough to find the ovenguys dot com. They deliver all over the country.

They are the Orange County Chopper of the refurbished oven industry. They manufacture heavy duty catch trays and power cord/exhaust guards at their location. Much better than the flimsy ones that come standard with a new oven.

Everything was new on the inside and it was cleaned using a huge tub they use to boil all the parts. It looked and ran brand new.

Check them out !

I went to all the big players in my area and almost all of them use MM. I figure this must be for a pretty good reason so I went with them. That being said, the ones that did not use MM used Lincoln. I guess I just figured that if MM is good enough for Pizza hut, Papa John’s, Dom., and Costco they must be good enough for me.

I have double stack, Lincoln Impingers. I have no connection except for being a satisfied customer, but I would highly recommend pizzaovens.com.

They offered great guidance before, during and AFTER the sale. I am very happy with the product, price and service.

Where how did you buy them?From Lincoln new/ used or ebay or a local equipment dealer.

I originally found them in the form of someone’s positive comment on an industry board.

I emailed them and told them what I was trying to accomplish. I was given a couple of different, well explained options to consider, and decided to go with them.

As business owners we are often quick to relay our bad experiences. When I get one that meets and even exceeds expectations, I like to pass it on.