which do you prefer for Take N Bake ?

For those of us getting into and/or doing Take N Bake,
which do you use and/or prefer, the hand wrapping style of Papa Murphy’s or the shrink wrap machine like Nick and Willy’s uses ?
Are there other ways of wrapping take n bake pizza ?

I just bought the shrink wrap machine from Wisco, in route to me now, so I will compare.

appreciate any thoughts from you “take n bakers”, (Dan from Colorado Springs, are you there ?)


I have been doing take and bake for the past three years. I perfer hand wrapping over shrink wrap. Shrink wrap reminds me of a frozen pizza. just my 2 cents…

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thank you, swlamb, I agree with you the shrink wrap is almost too commercial looking

What kind of wrap do you use and what do you use to cut it with ?

If the customer sees you using the machine, I’d go with the machine. Technology is cool. People like watching things being made and and seeing how the machines we use work. Plus I’m sure it will present your product better.

I use the deli wrap machine it has a platform with a heating coil underneath that you put your pizza tray on (I use pactiv trays) lay a piece of shrink wrap on it and tuck it under your tray and it wraps it and is also air tight if they want to freeze it. I also made up my own stickers with my logo and instuctions on it that we put on after it is wrapped. I want mine to look profesional and first class and I think its worth the money to make a good impression

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I use standard food service film. 24" x 2000’. I have a slide type cutter that fits on the box. Works great…

Otis…J here from Savannah.

We’ll be using the shrink wrapper. Like whomever said…customers like to see how stuff is done.