Which method do you store your dough with?

What method do you find the best for storing dough?

  1. ball,oil,tray

What have you found to be the best method for dough? I personally ball,flour,bag,cool. I use my pizza dough straight from the prep table. I don’t pull dough out 2 hours before use.

And you???


I ball, oil, and retard in a tray in the walk-in for about two days. I do pull my dough out to warm some before use, if I don’t I have bubbles something fierce on my pizza and I don’t care for the appearance of docked crust.

I agree with the appearance of the docked crust - just looks bad.

I press my dough out and pan it I then put lids on pans stack them up let it rise and put it into the cooler untill I am ready to use it

i do the same as you prep table into pans let proove cold room then use about 4/5 hours later