Which Oven brand?

Hello everyone I am new to this site. I came here looking for answers to some of my questions. Which pizza oven brand is the best? I have heard that Blodgett is #1, but there are so many out there that are comparable (on paper), but cost a fraction of the price. Is there less expensive brands that are good?

Hi Rett’s,

We’re currently working on an article all about ovens for our upcoming June/July issue that will hopefully help answer some of your questions. Good luck and be sure to pick up the issue when it comes out or come back to pmq.com to see the digital version online.

Liz Barrett, editor-in-chief
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Good Question! I opened my first pizza place 12 years ago and went with Lincoln impingment conveyors. Over the years I have had all three sizes, and have had repairs on all of them. ( even bought used ones to use for parts) Last year I opened a new place and went with the Star Holman impingment small ovens ( better price), Big mistake, I have purchased four of them and all have needed service within the first year. Trying to get warranty service is a bureacratic nightmare. One oven was down for a month before I could get service. Find a good equipment supplier who wants your long term business and ask their advice. A good sales rep wants to sell you more equipment over the years, not handle a ton of complaints.

hey im new as well but the moretti ovens are really good. i use beach ovens where i work and they are also very good… it all depends on where ur using it n how busy u are… and also ur experience…

xlt xlt xlt…hands down

I am a fan of Middleby Marshall ovens but do not let my preference be the influence.
After many… many years in pizza, I found the issues were:
[list]- Warranty (testimonials)

  • Repair & Support knowledge (this is big)[/list]

As with anything tech, once you have your oven in, the potential for problems exists.
Who will you call for repairs. Who will you call in five years?

If you buy the best but have no one locally familiar with your equipment, it could be a barrier to success.
Talk to the local equipment service companies in your area.
[list]-What ovens are they certified and/or have knowledge of?
-What ovens do they receive complaints on?
-What ovens have warranty issues?
-What oven companies are limited with parts availability?[/list]

If you are in a remote area the oven and issues come up, what options will you have?

Other considerations: type of products, type of crusts, fresh dough or not? Are you focusing on speed? Is staff ease of use an issue? Maintenance simplicity important? Quiet operation a priority? Will you expand products to be broader than pizza? Chicken? Will you expect to have diversity and require a “taller” input for products?

I have seen ovens with the simplest of cleaning process but they noise factor is twice what a typical oven might be.

It looks like I offer more questions instead of answers. If I was to buy an oven today? Middleby Marshall. They have a history … have cutting edge tech and their products are familiar to equipment service companies.


All the more reason to love my Edge 60 ovens. Every mechanical part except the blower motor, is held in one removable control box that I can replace with a spare if I have anything go wrong. With eight bolts and two snap together electrical connections I can replace every part that could possibly be causing the problem. No need to try to diagnose a bad relay, bad gas valve, bad motor ect. Ship the old control can to the manufacturer for them to diagnose, fix and ship back to you repaired and ready to use. It’ll take me about 15 minutes to have a broken oven up and running again. Pretty much removes the oven repair guy from the equation

Looks good… no experience with Edge ovens but will put it on my list for review!

Blodgett, Middleby Marshall and others are Middleby brands.