Which Pizza Box Insert Do You Use?

The perfect crust liners are 100% virgin paper. Any grease gets absorbed into the liner (unlike a cheap wax or quilon liner) and the corrugard bumps are meant to hold the pizza off the bottom and help air flow underneath.

Ok thanks, that helps a bit. I was worried it was above the bumps then all the grease dripped down and while it wasn’t on the bottom of the pie any longer, it was still seen by the customer and could be seen as gross. Looking forward to trying them when they arrive.

This is what we use in 9" &14", the perfect crust is more expensive and iv tested. They don’t hold up any better than the corrugated squares.

I have yet to have the legs of a pizza stack go through the Perfect Crust Liner. With the corrugated liners the legs would go throught the liner and the box.

Iv never had an issue with the stacks going through the pizza pads Myself.

Before opening my shop I delivered for just about every pizza place in my city and every one of them had this issue. It is mostly when there were a stack of 3 or 4 pizzas in a bag on a long delivery run. If you ask your drivers they may have experienced it but never mentioned it.

I think this has more to do with the box than the liner. We have never had this issue using a B flute corrugated box, square pizza insert, and a pizza stacker. We stack up to 9 18" pies high in our XL Pizza Jackets for years now

I have delivered all types. B and F flute, Clay you name it. Just reporting my experience.

we use corrugated squares,14" for a 16 in, etc, saves a little

With the perfect crust liners. Can you cut the pizza when it’s ontop of the liner?


Yes sir.

We use B flute boxes. No liner except for deep dish where we use cardboard rounds. Not sure what a “pizza stand” is? Those little plastic things with legs some shops put in the middle of the pie to support the box lid? We do not use those either.
No grease issues. Yes the inside bottom of the box can get moist but we do not have issues of the box wetting through.
Can easily stack pizzas 4-5 high without crushing the lid into the pie.