Which Robot Coupe

Im looking to upgrade our vegetable prep. We have been using the Nemco EZ slicer along with manual dicers, and choppers for years now.

When I saw the Robot Coupe inhaling WHOLE tomatoes and exhaling perfectly diced tomatoes I wanted one.

After researching I see the R2 model is around $1200 and the CL50 model alot members have on here is around $2k

Both models seem to do the same Im jyst trying to get some clarity on which model to choose.
Also the disks they offer make it more confusing.

Im looking to have sliced onions, peppers, mushrooms, and have diced tomatoes.

To get diced tomatoes you would need the R2 dice which is more like $1,850.

We have the R2 dice and I will tell you we aren’t really satisficed. We got it for all the same items you mentioned and a few more. The dicing blade for the R2 is pretty bad and you end up with mushy vegetables. It works great for a month and then the blade isn’t sharp and you get mush. I can’t speak on the CL50 as I have never used it but I also saw the videos of it tearing through veggies and if we have to replace I will definitely be researching the CL50 more.

I bought the R2 Dice to do tomatoes, onions and green peppers. Ended up with a slicer for tomatoes, slicing disc for peppers and the dicer for onions. The dicer blades arent cheap. I wouldnt do again