Which Robotics/technology would make life easier in a pizza restaurant?

Hey everyone! I’m a robotics engineer and I’m currently working on building some technology to help automate some of the work inside pizza restaurants (or just do whatever I can to make your lives easier).

I figured you guys best understand the day to day problems of running a pizza restaurant, so thought I’d ask if there are any pain points you have inside your restaurants which you would find genuinely helpful to have solved?

Accurate and human like phone order system

A robot who can work a deck oven properly and efficient LOL…

Hey so just wondering if you’ve had any problems using an app for orders instead of taking them over the phone? or does restricting orders to an app lose a lot of customers?

So just to clarify, this would involve taking already-made pizzas and putting them into and taking them out of the deck oven right?

I have an online app, need to be able to take phone o

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Absolutely, to find a competent living breathing human is challenging these days lol…

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Ok great! And would a machine that helps prepare the pizzas (put on the sauce and apply the toppings) be helpful as well or is this something you would rather have a worker do?