which tomato products better,stanisalaus or escalon

can’t decide bet the two.any input will help.

full red rules

Stanislaus FTW

I’d have to offer Stanislaus. Full Red baby, the standard of excellence in our industry AFAIC.

stanislaus. 8 years and will never change.

I have only used Stanislaus but have had the distributor try to get me to switch to others but the taste in not as good. Plus Stanislaus is a classy company. They don’t believe in voice mail if you have questions about hteir product you talk to a live body and then they follow up to make sure you have been looked after.
They will get my vote for best supplier.

Open almost 5 yrs now and we have used STANISLAUS since day one.
Will NEVER change. I have tasted Escalon at pizza shows. Our customers love our sauce

Full Red every day all day.

Full Red, hands down. Great to spice up yourself.

Pizzaiolo is the best