Which way should I go?

I am in the process of revising my menu and was looking at the different ways to describe the pizza.

 1. Zesty Italian dressing, olives and feta cheese bring a taste of the Mediterranean to this combination of chicken brreast, green peppers, tomatoes, and onions


 2. chicken, green peppers, onions, tomatoes, olives, feta, mozzarella, on Italian dressing

I am a del/co pizzeria and the menu would be send out as a door hanger as well as a box topper.

it would seem obvious that #1 makes you want to eat it while #2 just kind of says it.

thus i vote #1… unless you move anywhere near me then i say go with #2

sadly to say i think i use too many #2 type on my menu, i think i will have to revise the way i word my menu. thanks for the eye opener.

With out a doubt go with #1. The descriptive words get make your mind start craving pizza while the reading the ingredients list (#2) doesn’t make you hungry at all.

Go with #1, but dress up the description a bit more. Use words the form a theme and add a tagline that acts a sort of a call to action.

For example:

A pizza hewn from lightly-seasoned chicken, bacon, and banana peppers upon a base of KC MasterpieceTM BBQ sauce and cheese. Don’t just sit there admiring it, dig in!

The pizza is a ‘masterpiece’, so we describe it with words like ‘hewn’, ‘base’ and ‘admiring’ to create an artistic feel.


Hot and spicy cilantro pesto sauce and cheese isolated with onion, fresh tomato slices, and seasoned black bean. No need to break the embargo, get yours right here at Aver’s.

The pizza is ‘isolated’ and we talk about ‘embargo’ to paint our Cuban theme.

On a lighter note, my business partner was at a dinner and one of the guests was of Cuban descent. She commented on our pizza: “It’s very good… I don’t know what’s Cuban about it, but it’s very good!” :slight_smile:

Been there, done that; keep it simple. Both ways could work but try to match your menu to your place and keep everything in line with your concept. If you are fast food, keep it a fast menu. If you are a concept heavily invested in ambiance, being more descriptive adds to the atmosphere of your restaurant just like the music, the staff, the colors, etc. Write for your market, you know the one that you described in your biz plan. By the way, writing so eloquently is not a prerequisite to success; the taste of your food combinations is. How does it freakin’ taste? I am pretty sure we have all been amazed at food descriptions and sorely disappointed by the product. Good luck. :wink:

Heralded by the Archangel Gabriel himself, our Tain Wreck pizza is a slice of heaven on earth, with a unique balance of 20 savory and mildly sweet toppings the meld into a sublime dining experience you’ll find absolutely no where else.

What we actually use is: [i]Nick’s Train Wreck has all of our Regular Toppings except ricotta. It’s the “iron horse” pizza for guests with iron stomachs! Available in the 12" and 16â€