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What is the best humidity controlled pizza holder/merchandiser? Four 14" pie capacity. Have an older Hatco now.It needs replacing.

I’d get another Hatco as they are well built with easily removable glass for cleaning. I tried Bakemax and it was garbage. We switched from 18" to 22" pizzas for the concession business a few years ago. Since Hatco’s only accommodate up to 18", I switched brands to Star Pizza Warmers. Star is alright, fits a 22" pie, but not as well built as the Hatco.

Thanks… yeah they seem best build quality. Length the machine can hold a slice and retain quality is my main focus. Obviously has to be humidity controlled. Just wondering if there was some new magic out there lol…

Even though the slices are held in the cabinet, we still flash them in a small stone oven. Really crisps up the crust for our dough recipe and is close to magic.

Not to mention what that little bit of reheating can do for the overall appearance of the slice, especially if they’re getting a little “long in the tooth” sitting in that holding cabinet.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Just curious guys, do you pull your slices apart, separating them slightly after cutting, making it easier to scoop them out of your warmers? Or do you leave them un touched after cutting them?
Also, Do you use distilled water when topping your machines up ?

It helps to wait a moment before slicing the pizza after it comes out of the oven & doesn’t hurt to separate the slices a little. We serve using tongs which makes getting the slice onto the plate easier also.

I’m sure distilled/purified water would help with calcification, but cost wise, probably a wash in the end. (gal/day) If one were to de-calcify on a regular basis, tap water would be fine. Our warmer has been in service for about 1,300 days @ 10 hours per day without any issues…yet. Guess I’ll pull the top off & take a look, then report my findings.

My .02

65 to 70% R.H. is what we found best BUT at this humidity the slices absolutely must be reheated/reconed prior to serving as it softens the crust substantially.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Thanks for the input guys.