While your waiting...

I saw a post or article somewhere referring to a poster someone made of “things to do while you wait” and it then highlighted where to find them on facebook, twitter, joining a loyalty club, text program, browsing the online website, etc.

Kind of an all in one where to find us poster (or boxtopper).

Was that a post on tt? I have searched and can not find it anywhere.

Does anyone here have such an item? I have a concept in my mind but can not execute it fully and would love to see an example.

Hi,Dale. I’d choose one option (your Facebook page or web ordering app, maybe, or your VIP club sign-up page) and make that the focus. Include an oversized QR code and a good reason to go there. Include the other links/addresses at the bottom or around the edges.

Or try it blog-style: 5 Things to Do While You Wait, or 7 Ways to Save at…

  1. Like us on Facebook: [your address}
  2. Join our VIP Club: [sign-up page]
  3. Text #### to XXXX for deals.
  4. Follow us on Twitter.
  5. Subscribe to [your blog]

This was the thread that I first thought of when seeing your post: using an iPad in your store. Not the list you described now that I read back though it, but a cool idea nonetheless.

Here’s what I came up with


Broken link…

hmm…well http://www.facebook.com/BlackjackPizza.Longmont posted in the photos but the link works.