White Pizzas - what is the local orthodoxy?

Thought I’d throw in a philosophy question here. What makes a white pizza? I think we can establish that the very basic definition means no tomato sauce. From there, we being the discussion of what the local standard is. Oil base, cream sauce, ricotta, butter sauce, whatever.

Locally, we are the prime definers, and we use a garlic butter base, feta and garlic. We stick primarily with “white” toppings for now and are expanding the list slowly to include things like artichoke hearts, spinach and the like. Basically, the butter/feta/garlic is the base for our expansion. We have developed a white parmesan cream sauce, but that is a different critter for now. We may even blend ricotta and the cream sauce at some point, but that won’t be our “white pizza” proper.

BONUS QUESTION: Anyone know a place in Montreal, Canada that makes white pizza of some sort, eh?

I’m under the impression that a “white” pizza traditionally is made w/ricotta…we use a seasoned garlic oil spread, then a slightly diluted/seasoned ricotta blend, topped w/mozz, spice & diced tomatoes…call it the Queen Maggie as a tribute 2 the “1st” delivered pizza to the Queen…

we also do a ranch dressing pie & a alfredo based pie

Nick Amelios by McGill University comes to mind…

All my impressions/observations/understandings and menu offerings that I have seen leads me to believe a white pizza is just one that is made with a white sauce rather than the traditional red. It is then generally accepted that this white sauce is of the cream variety like a garlic butter or alfredo. Like any menu item, different places will always develop their own spin but this is what is expected. I’ve personally never seen it as ricotta based but the end result would still fit within the realm of customer expectations.

I use the recipe from Grande with ricotta cheese
http://www.grandecheese.com/recipes/Pag … RecipeID=1

…at Lomdardi’s and similar old pizzerias in NY and Boston, the white pizza is a white clam pizza, usually with onions,


our white pie means red sauce is replaced with ricotta cheese although we also have other “white” sauces like ranch and clams…i hate it when people order a white pie and dont want ricotta just no sauce :twisted:

That’s come up before, and I think it’s pretty clear that there is no real definition everyone’s going to agree on, except perhaps for yours (no tomato sauce).

We offer a “White Sauce” -but that’s totally a different thing than what I know as a white pizza. And it’s a trend that got real popular, at least around here - it was #1 on my customer request list until I offered one.
My white sauce is a Ranch/Garlic/Parmesan creamy concoction that LOTS of people love.

THIS sounds yummy:

We may even blend ricotta and the cream sauce


To me, a white SAUCE is different that a “white pizza”.
But in my area, a “white pizza” is something no one has ever heard of, while white sauce is popular.

A white pizza was, where I grew up, an olive oiled crust perhaps, and no tomato sauce, plus the likely addition of FRESH mozz and/or riccotta to the cheese mix. Usually ordered with veggies…

I created something like it and it’s on my menu with a made-up name. Because, like I said, “White Pizza” would have just confused my customers…

Our white pizza is olive oil (pomace) with chopped garlic as a sauce and ricotta under the mozz. We have several of them on the menu. Our best selling high end pie is a white pie. 16" sells for $25.