White sauce

I take part in festivals and am going to be adding a garlic white sauce pizza. I’ve made a few ricotta white sauce pizzas but the ricotta lacks the debth of flavor I’m looking for.
I could make a white sauce on site and cool down but from what I’ve read in past threads the sauce tends to separate when it cools. It would be cumbersome to reheat batches throughout the day given the limited space. Perhaps there’s a way to emulsify the batches to prevent separation?
There are premade Alfredo white sauces. Does anyone use a brand that they’re satisfied with?

I’ve used a KnorrSwiss dry mix with reasonable success…make it by the gallon & it keeps well…I use a squirt bottle to apply

We tried some of the pre-made alfredo sauces and they are just packed with sodium and other preservatives (and expensive too, about $.30 cents an ounce 2 years ago). We ended up making our own, for about $.15 cents an ounce, today’s price.

We do cool it off for refrigeration at night, but it doesn’t separate when cooled off… it separates when reheated. But we just take a wire whip and remix it real good and it comes out perfect.

Oh and the home made version is 10x better tasting :slight_smile:

If I was tasked with this, I’d use Heavy Cream (38%-40% butterfat) and add that to saute’d garlic, some Romano or Parmesan, then reduce it down a little bit, hold it cold and portion onto the pizza as needed.
The “Depth of Flavor” you noticed was lacking was probably due to the lipid content, cream would fix that.

Here is what we do for our White Garlic Chicken Pizza, We have whipped Ricotta, for instance if we are doing a large, pizza take 6ounces of whipped ricotta, add half teaspoon of chives, table spoon Romano cheese and some heavy cream, whip well and comes out great